Book Complexity Analysis – Harry Potter vs Project Gutenberg

In this recipe we take a look at simple mechanisms that we might use to measure the complexity of different books. First we take a look at the Harry Potter series to consider whether we can analyse the complexity of the books as the series progresses. Then we take a look at some classics from Project Gutenberg and compare them to modern books to see whether there are any similarities and differences between the two.

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Android: Netrunner – Corp vs Runner

Android: Netrunner is a popular living card game where a single match lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. Netrunner features an interesting “asymmetrical” mechanic, where one player plays a corporation defending their research and the other player is a hacker (runner) trying to defeat them. This recipe looks at games played online using the OCTGN platform and the breakdown of how many matches Corp or Runners players have won as the game evolves.

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